Revolutionary Eye-Tracking Test to Identify Reading Disorders

Revolutionary Eye-Tracking Test to Identify Reading Disorders

Health tech innovator continues to expand array of health and vision screenings available on cloud-based platform, opening up new possibilities for improving lives

April 26, 2017 08:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time
WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RightEye LLC, a leading technology innovator using eye tracking to revolutionize patient care and vision performance, today announced the launch of the RightEye Reading Test™, a revolutionary tool for educators, optometrists and specialists to noninvasively identify reading disorders in students of all ages. The new test, which was unveiled in its beta version at CES 2017, is available now for purchase and being demonstrated this week by RightEye in Booth No. 308 at the College of Optometrists in Vision Development 2017 Annual Meeting in Jacksonville, Florida.

“We’re very excited to be launching the RightEye Reading Test, which we believe will support greater innovation in education and therapy by identifying and addressing reading disorders quickly and objectively,” said Barbara Barclay, president of RightEye. “With this test and the associated instant report available to parents, showing precise eye movements and scores relative to norms, school systems, optometrists and specialists can now identify reading disorders, apply an appropriate intervention, and avoid the learning and behavioral challenges often associated with misdiagnosis — all without any of the costly, time-intensive and invasive procedures typically required for diagnosis.”

The RightEye Reading Test enables practitioners to differentiate eye movement issues from other reading disorders, resulting in earlier and more appropriate intervention for readers. The test offers nearly 100 stories, short and long, and will be available in 12 languages, each marked with a level of difficulty that corresponds to different grade levels for beginning, intermediate and advanced readers. Using these stories, the test identifies and reports metrics compared with norms that are important in assessing oculomotor abilities when reading, including words per minute, fixations, saccades and regressions. The reading stories, norms and associated comprehension questions within the RightEye Reading Test were developed by the prestigious Optometric Extension Program Foundation.

“As one of the first customers for RightEye’s Concussion, Essential and Performance Vision Tests, I have been impressed with RightEye’s rapid rate of development,” said Dr. Charles Shidlofsky, a board-certified optometrist in vision development and vision rehabilitation with the Neuro-Vision Associates of North Texas. “I am really looking forward to using the RightEye Reading Tests to assess children’s reading skills, and also to assess both children and adults who have had concussions or other traumatic brain injuries. Normally it’s hard for parents and patients to see the issue. RightEye’s reports, which show both an image and quantitative information, make it easy.”

The RightEye Reading Test is available for purchase through the company’s cloud-based platform, which is available to customers with the purchase of a RightEye Complete 3D Eye-Tracking System.

Later this year, RightEye will also launch RightEye Maze Master™, a gaze interactive game that helps users gain better control over each eye and both eyes by challenging them to pop numbers with just their eyes in a maze formation that becomes narrower and more complex at higher levels. Maze Master works in conjunction with the RightEye Reading Test and can help improve the oculomotor skills deficits that may be impairing a patient’s reading.

Other testing and training software programs available through the RightEye system include:

RightEye Neuro Vision Tests™ – a two-minute set of tests that help health care providers more clearly understand the severity of a patient’s brain injury and better assess recovery over time.

RightEye Essential Vision Tests™ – a comprehensive category of core vision tests that take only a few minutes to complete and provide a faster, more accurate and robust way to implement standard vision screenings around the world.

RightEye Performance Vision™ – a set of vision tests to help athletes and defense forces by assessing visual strengths and identifying areas of vision that can be improved to enable them to reach maximum performance levels.

RightEye GeoPref Autism Test™ – an internationally recognized eye movement test, acquired from researchers at the University of California, San Diego’s Autism Center of Excellence, that has been clinically proven to more accurately and objectively identify autism in children 12 to 40 months old.

RightEye Vision Training Games™ – gaze-interactive games that combine the thrill of gaming with eye-tracking technology to support rehabilitation from traumatic brain injury, vision development for eye-movement disorders, and vision training for athletes and the military.

Also at COVD this week, RightEye is hosting an Exhibitor Presentation on Friday, April 28, at 7 a.m. in Exhibitor City Terrace 11 to share important case studies on vision development and rehabilitation.

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RightEye LLC is a health technology company using eye tracking and gaming to revolutionize healthcare and vision performance through an innovative, new kind of vision test. RightEye helps health care providers assess concussions, eyesight, brain and reading disorders, and performance issues in patients by following a science-based, metric-driven methodology. Using a cloud-based platform, RightEye generates reports within minutes to give doctors an objective, measurable way to view the quality of a patient’s vision and track the success of remedies such as vision therapy. RightEye customers include nationally recognized optometrists, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, emergency rooms, professional sports teams and the U.S. military. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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