Chronic Care and Optimization

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Chronic Care That Works

The FutureHealth Alliance Health offers the best in health optimization and management of chronic illness. This group of companies is expounding upon a recent shift in the medical community that focuses on prevention and health maintenance resulting in a cost savings for health care.


The direct medical costs for treating diabetes are $116 billion in the US, not including the costs for people with undiagnosed diabetes, with an additional $58 billion spent for indirect costs such as missed workdays. A single point reduction in average hemoglobin levels, could save a company with 1,000 employees over $100,000 by simply helping better manage their diabetes care.


The greatest killers in the US, are heart disease and cancer, which collectively are responsible for some 1.2 million deaths. We offer solutions for early intervention, prevention and chronic care management to improve outcomes for those who need it.


10 high-price drugs accounted for nearly one-third of all drug spending for catastrophic coverage in 2015. They treat conditions such as Hepatitis C, Cancer, and Multiple Sclerosis. The average prices for each of these drugs ranged from $1,200 to almost $34,000 per month.

We have solutions to fit your needs ranging from a deep dive into your prescription spend to eliminate waste and abuse to opportunities, PGX testing to ensure prescriptions will have desired effect on the patient and medication monitoring to keep the patient on track. We also offer healthy eating plans optimizing the body with the best in nutrigenomic science. We can convert any prescribed diet plan to actionable recipes with easy preparation and fulfillment for patient ease. CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE