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Health care is changing and our members are at the forefront of the revolution. In order to be a included in the Future Health Alliance we demand all of of our members meet rigorous standards defined by our three main criteria:



The cost of health care has gotten prohibitive for many Americans. Our members are part of the disruption in the health care industry where consumers and providers are cuttng out the middle man and getting the best treatments for the best price.



New treatments can save money but if they do not improve outcomes for the patient, the value of the savings is questionable. We are look speifically for quicker recovery times, less pain or more effective pain management and non-surgical options whenever possible.



The current insurance system rewards medical providers for choosing options that are the most profitable for their practice but not necessarily the best for the patient. We only work with providers who have a verified history of ethical treatment plans that put the patient first at all times.

Let us help you design the program that works for you and your needs.

What keeps you up at night? Our customized approach is as individualized as you are.

Dr. David Crane, M.D., Founder/CEO

Bluetail Medical Group uses regenerative therapies to treat orthopedic injuries and conditions, from back pain to heel pain including osteoarthritis, tendon and ligament tears and muscle tears.

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Krishna Rao, CEO

You don’t have to manage your chronic condition on your own. We combine real-time bio-metric monitoring with one-on-one coaching to help patients engage and succeed.

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Stannon Reed, CEO

Universal Medication Management is a Complete Medication Management Solution to ensure you never miss a medication dose either at home or away, staffed by leading healthcare professionals.

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V. Paul Zaragoza, Founder/CEO

FoodRocket’s Nutrigenomics based Health & Wellness Platform helps prevent and manage chronic disease transforming common recipes and diets into prescriptive, DNA optimized food experiences .

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Adam Gross, Co-Founder/CEO

RightEye delivers eye-tracking tests and training that provide objective eye movement information and feedback relating to a broad range of conditions including brain injury, Parkinson’s disease and autism.

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Jim Fersch, Founder/CEO

Ultimate Settlements, Inc. provides bill negotiation services and networks to providers, hospitals, doctors, patients, employers, and insurance carriers on a national level.

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Jamie Kerestes, Senior Executive Partner

HealthConnect’s allergy testing program is as a less-invasive, less painful, more patient friendly alternative to traditional allergy testing plus less costly sublingual Immunotherapy treatments.

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Robert V. Holton, III

The Base10 Pharmacogenomics test provides an insight into the ways your DNA may have an impact on how your body responds to medications. Discover whether your medications are appropriate for you.

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Lucia Fields, RN BSN, Founder/Managing Director

Origenetics™offers anti-aging solutions based on evidence based medical studies designed to restore your original genetics, prevent chronic diseases, and promote a healthier, more vital lifestyle.

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Sid Mann, 
Vice President

Launched from the campus of MIT, Benefits Science Technologies  empowers employers to make better decisions about their healthcare spend by making sense of their healthcare data.

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Tom Emerick,

At Edision Healthdare, we are committed to providing you with the best services from ensuring your diagnosis is met with a proper treatment schedule to providing support including full travel and care coordination.

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Shawn Stephens Founder/CEO

Employers will enjoy enriching their benefits programs without additional billing and paperwork. The savings to an employer can be substantial. 

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Bill Barre
Executive Vice President

Citizens Rx provides “unbundled,” modular pharmacy benefit management services, including formulary management, claims processing, rebate administration, and a 67,000-location national pharmacy network.

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Douglas Younker
Vice President of Sales
Coba Health logo

Coba Health LLC was created to help self-funded employers and their employees save significantly on surgical costs while maintaining an excellent level of care. Representing over 1.2 million lives, they focus on health services that offer transparency, excellence and integrity.

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