Fraud Reduction, Compliance & Settlements

ERISA Compliance and Prompt Resolution.

We not only save our clients money,  but we also assist in recouping money previously spent on fraudulent claims. We are dedicated to improved ERISA compliance and prompt medical bill resolutions as well as fairly negotiated settlements.

How we can help.

Our partners work in tandem to conduct billing compliance reviews of both Facility and Professional (inpatient and outpatient) medical claims and bills to identify erroneous, fraudulent and abusive billing practices thus reducing medical bills to “true and accurate” and “fair and reasonable.”


Our team uses proprietary software; review procedures, criteria and trained/professional staff to analyze the itemized billing statements and other documentation associated with each valued client.


While technology is a key ingredient in our success we still have a nurse or professional provide an additional scrub to ensure that no additional savings are overlooked.


Claims/bills over $50K receive a higher level of scrutiny because experience has shown that they contain a higher level of errors thus larger savings.

A single hospital stay can range from $100K to $1M or more. The margin for errors, overcharges and cost padding, whether deliberate or not, is incredible. For every $100M in hospital claims, we will return $10-20M to your bottom line. CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE