Bethesda firm RightEye wins FDA clearance for its vision improving technology

Bethesda firm RightEye wins FDA clearance for its vision improving technology

By   – Reporter, Baltimore Business Journal, October 10, 2018

RightEye LLC has received a clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its technology which aims to identify and improve vision issues.

The Bethesda health tech firm developed a technology that uses eye tracking programs to identify visual issues in patients and help them improve their vision performance. The FDA awarded RightEye’s system a 510(k) clearance, which indicates that a device being brought to market is satisfyingly safe and effective.

RightEye was founded in 2015. It is backed by $10.4 million in funding from angel investors and a strategic partner. The company is targeting profitability in 2019.

RightEye’s vision screening and training system tracks eye movements and correlates any impairments to certain health issues. The system offers several different programs for patients:

  • Functional vision screening: to quickly identify vision issues and recommend computer-based exercises for improvement
  • Reading assessments (“EyeQ”): track reading proficiency in real time, identifying hidden vision issues associated with learning difficulties
  • Sports vision assessment and training (“Sports Vision EyeQ”): to identify any performance-related vision issues, and offer personalized exercises to athletes looking to improve coordination and reaction times
  • Brain health (“Brain Health EyeQ”): showcase the severity levels of vision skill problems and how they may relate to brain performance

RightEye targets primary care optometrists, speciality optometrists, vision rehabilitation therapists, functional neurologists and sports trainers as potential customers for its technology. The company ultimately hopes to “see RightEye in every ophthalmology, neurology and primary care physician’s office.”


Adam Clarin, an optometrist from Florida and existing RightEye customer, said the vision tracking system has been “an asset” to his practice and has helped him identify conditions in his patients that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. He said the new FDA clearance “adds an extra layer of confidence” for his patients.

The system is also used locally by Brain Train America, a Columbia-based firm that offers programs for improving brain function in patients ranging from elite athletes to children with learning problems.

With its new FDA stamp of approval, RightEye is targeting sales growth in the coming year. The company has 18 employees and is currently hiring for six additional positions in sales and marketing.